PHONE: - 01357 520557 for thermal imaging, air testing and energy management

Are you ready for your air tightness test?

  • Are you ready for your air tightness test? - this pre-test checklist will be able to assist. 
  • Please give Tom a call on 01357 520557 to discuss your requirements. Tom has been carrying out air tightness tests across Scotland since 2012, and is one of the most experienced testers in the country. 
  • We can  advise on common areas of failure, and talk you through the test process from start to finish. 
  • We bring smoke and/or thermal imaging equipment to every test, and so if there was to be a problem, we will be able to identify any leakage points.
  • In certain circumstances, for example if you are looking to achieve a very high level of air tightness, you may wish to carry out an interim test before the plasterboard starts going up, so that any problem areas can be identified and fixed while access is still possible.
  • We operate 6 high power fans for large buildings, right down to a single small Passivhaus fan, delivering just 9 m3/h of air flow, enough to test the smallest, most air tight spaces.
  • Read through our blog and case studies to get a better of idea of the work that we have been doing, then give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01357 520557.
  • We're based in central Scotland, just south of Glasgow.

Air Tightness Testing - Pre Test checklist- TIUK2018 (pdf)